The modern way to enjoy all your Blu-ray and DVD movies, TV programmes and music videos.

DigiRAW is a professional team of disc-to-digital enthusiasts specialising in ripping your DVDs and Blu-ray discs off your shelves and onto your computer so you can play them on your smartphones, tablets and TVs.


PCs & MACs.


With your DVDs and Blu-ray discs backed up and future proofed, you can now enjoy them on all your devices, anytime, anywhere.

Your library playing on your TVs.


Stream your digital media from your computer to one or all of your TVs, wirelessly and simultaneously.

Take your films with you.


Play your favourites when mobile. During the commute, on holiday or to entertain the kids while on long car journeys.
Create your very own home media server simply with iTunes.

For a truly professional finish, your MP4 videos will look and feel like you had bought them from the iTunes store.

Our audioVisual quality including Blu-ray HD 720p and 1080p conversions are absolutely stunning. In fact we're often told our finished files rival the leading digital content sellers and rental providers such as iTunes, SkyNow, Netflix and LOVEFiLM.

To bring our quality disc conversions to life, each Mp4 video file is metadata tagged directly. That means when you drag and drop them into iTunes, all your information fields such as artwork covers, titles, descriptions, ratings, genre, seasons, episode numbers, and casting automatically populate.

What you can expect when you hire DigiRAW

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