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Your very own home media streaming solution

Play your disc-to-digital Movies, TV Shows and Music Videos around your home - and on the move.

You want your private DVD and Blu-ray collection digitised, organised and easily accessible. You need on screen menu navigation for convenient and incredibly enjoyable viewing.

You'd like to load all your disc-to-digital titles onto your computer or NAS and populate your chosen media server (Plex, iTunes, Emby, Infuse 5 etc.) for streaming to your big screens devices too.

Start a movie in one room, and pick it up from where you left off in another.

Better still, the kids can entertain friends in their bedrooms with any title you made available to them (Ratings control), whilst you simultaneously watch something a little more adult oriented in the lounge.

Quality ripping service.

Whether you opt for our bestDef universal mp4, or lossless MKV format ...quality is stunning and movies start without warnings and previews.

DVDs ripped with 5.1 digital surround sound


Computers, TVs and mobile devices are very at home with a stereo audio file, but your home theatre system will desire surround sound which is why we include multiple audio options.

HD ripped Blu-ray discs


Our up-scale technology combined with your TVs own feature can visually enhance an SD definition DVD when digitised. And our Blu-ray preserves 720p and 1080p perfectly for true HD.

3D Blu-ray Ripping Service


We’ve even mastered the art of split screen 3D ripping and not just for lossless files such mkv and iso, but for mp4 too. They really are outstanding.

mp4 gives you so much more

Apart from smaller file sizes and amazing bestDef quality, the mp4 digital file will play on just about every device available.

Your DVDs in Media Server

Media Server

Plex is our favourite, but you can load them into iTunes and play them on your, iPhone, iPad and Apple TVs too. Or DLNA link with Infuse 5.

DVDs on smartphones and tablets

Mobile devices

Not just for Apple devices. You can play your mp4 files on all smartphone and tablet brands, computers and enabled TVs.

Your DVDs playing through Apple TV

Streaming Digital

Stream your movies, TV shows & music videos to your mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Chromecast streamers.


We pay special attention to soft subtitles, making sure foreign or alien speaking parts are captured in your mp4. Lossless files (mkv, iso, vob) capture all language, subtitle and audio options so you can activate and deactivate at will.

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File naming

The scanners and metadata agents used by many media servers work best when your major types of content are separated from each other. For example, we list movie and television content within their own folders:


Movie Name (Release Year)
e.g. Suicide Squad (2016)

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TV Shows

TV Show Name / Season Number / Episode Number/Name
e.g. Breaking Bad - S03E01 - No Mass

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Metadata Tagging

We fetch information such as posters (cover art), plot synopsis, cast, directors, year, genre, ratings, season numbers and episode names. We then code each mp4 directly so that media servers such as iTunes can populate all fields correctly, and deliver you an experience just like buying an iTunes title.

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Media Servers

We're huge fans of Plex and without any kind of incentive, we'll always favour Plex over others. But, we recognise there are strengths in others too. Take iTunes for example. it's simple to use, even if a tad slow and compatible with Apple only branded devices. Then there is Infuse 5. A delightful solution much less like a server, but certainly serves up a healthy iTunes alternative for smaller video collections.

  • Disc-to-Digital ripping prices

    MP4 is by far the favourite. Superb quality, smaller file sizes and playable on just about every device you can think of (TVs, streamers, smartphones, tablets and computers).

    DigiRAW Prcing

    Ready to unleash your physical media and create your own streaming enjoyment like a Netflix? We'd like to help! But if you have more budget than time, you may be interested in exploring our exclusive Media Pro service.

Try before you buy!

Download our 1 minute long mp4 samples and populate your media server such as PLEX or Infuse. Test them on your PC, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and more.

An mp4 is a universal device format.
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