External Hard Drive: How to point your music and videos to iTunes without copying them accross to your local (computer) hard drive.

DigiRAW collection and return service

  • Connect your external hard drive
  • Open iTunes
  • Click "iTunes" (top right menu), scroll down and click "Preferences"

DigiRAW collection and return service

  • Click "Advanced"

DigiRAW collection and return service

  • Uncheck "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library"

DigiRAW collection and return service

  • Access your hard drive (example: MAC via Finder) and highlight the files you wish to point / load in iTunes for the "handshake" to commence. Now drag and drop them in your iTunes homepage iTunes will now populate and when finished, your files are ready to play.

N.B. To play your media files either by transferring them to your iPhone and iPad, streaming them to you Apple TV, your computer will need to be on and your external hard drive connected.


External hard drive: iTunes file pointing
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