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Introducing Knock 2.0

Knock instead of entering a password to your Apple Mac!
So how do you fancy giving your iPhone or Apple Watch screen a knock (or tap) to unlock your computer? Well, that's exactly what the folks at Knock Software have designed.

Connecting both your mac and iPhone via bluetooth, you sync the devices to communicate with each other. Give your iPhone a quick knock and your mac unlocks without having to enter your password. Checkout the video below!

You'll need to download individual apps, one for your mac (free) and then another via the iTunes store for your iPhone. Presumably another download for your Apple Watch too but given the Apple Watch needs an iPhone to fully function, perhaps not!

Has to be said, we liked the feature, could be useful, but not wishing to make ourselves look like tight… we kinda think the £4 price tag for the iPhone app a tad steep! One assumes you don't need to pay again for another on your Apple Watch!

Sure we respect the creation, time involved, cost too… But maybe this is one of those to look out for if a special offer comes around.

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