How Plex looks on the Apple TV 4

Get to know DigiRAW and you soon learn that our favourite TV streamer to compliment your Plex Media Server is the Apple TV 4. The user interface, the display, menus, navigation and so much more just looks fantastic. And once in Plex, you can also use Siri to search for your favourite titles.

Plex on the Apple TV 4

We browsed 'Movies' and then clicked Doctor Strange. Cover art, IMDB rating, genre, resolution, all display beautifully and for Plex Pass members, 'Extras' are presented automagically.

Plex Movies on the Apple TV 4

Scroll down a little to reveal 'Reviews' and 'Cast'. By the way, click on a cast member and you are presented with all your other films with said actor.

Plex Reviews and Cast listing on the Apple TV 4

Click "settings" to show and change 'Audio' choices if required. Apple TV will however default to the best one / your global Plex Media Server setting.

Plex Media Server and Audio Choices on the Apple TV 4

Swipe to show Subtitle choices.

Plex Media Server and subtitle Choices on the Apple TV 4

Time for a movie action shot. If you haven't seen Doctor Strange (2016), and you love Sci-Fi and Fantasy, well Marvel movies in general... then we really do recommend this one. Benedict Cumberbatch plays a brilliant lead.

Doctor Strange by Marvel on Plex and the Apple TV 4

Now for TV Shows using Plex on the Apple TV 4

TV Show synopsis and all your various seasons displayed.

Plex TV Shows and 24 on the Apple TV 4

Click a season to show all the episodes ...demonstrating this time with the neurotic Doc Martin! Nice feature with Plex is how it logs your watched episodes so you can carry on from where you left off.

Doc Martin on Plex and the Apple TV 4

and finally, your Music using Plex on the Apple TV 4

In this example, we browsed 'by Artist'.

Plex Music on the Apple TV 4

Selected the late George Michael.

George Michael playing on Plex and the Apple TV 4

Chose the album Ladies & Gentlemen.

Ladies & Gentlemen playing on Plex and the Apple TV 4

Clicked Play and then activated the show Lyrics icon too.

Plex Media Server and your music Lyrics on the Apple TV 4

So there we have it... If you want the very best Media Server, choose Plex Media Server. A rich experience, very reliable, wonderfully intuitive and constantly updated with new and amazing features. The Roku, Amazon Fire and Chromecast streamers are solid, but we still prefer the Apple TV 4. Now all you need to do is hire DigiRAW to get your physical collection converted and ready to load!

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