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It's your DVDs and Blu-ray discs the way you have always desired.

All your favourite and sometimes hard to find movies and TV shows digitised, backed up, future-proofed, organised, and immediately available and playing on all your screens.

All your movies on all your screens with Plex and DIGIRAW

Instant play, no warnings, adverts and unwanted trailers

Everything you love about physical media. And a whole lot more.

Combine the power of VoD (video on demand) streaming and ease-of-use and build on it in amazing ways. Hire DIGIRAW to convert your physical library and play your incredible collection on all your screens.

Home Media Server using Plex for video on demand

DVD, Blu-ray and 4K (UHD)

A personal media hub with your very own hand-picked content, forever!

With a wide range of incredible features, every aspect of your media hub is refined to bring you your very own Netflix. We love Plex, but whether you choose an alternative media server/player such as Emby or Infuse 6, pioneering technologies powering everything under the hood from your computer or NAS will bring you a disc-to-digital streaming experience faster and more responsive than ever before.

DIGIRAW will convert your DVDs for home emdia video on demand streaming

Media Server features include.

Your media is organised and indexed with cover art, ratings, reviews, description, genre, cast and more.

See your recently added titles and continue watching status on all your screens.

Create managed users and invite friends to enjoy your content (Plex and Emby).

Parental ratings control for managed users, show only the content you deem appropriate.

Resume play, on the same screen or another. Instant play, no warnings and unwanted trailers.

Not sure what to watch? Pick a title, play the trailer and review automatically generated similar content in your library.

Hire DIGIRAW and get:

Visual accuracy.

We will rip your discs to stunning bit-rate picture-perfect quality along with Blu-ray HD preservation, including HDR (High Dynamic Range) for your 4K discs.

DIGIRAW exceeds visual quality expectations

Premium sound.

All devices play a stereo track, but your home theatre system will relish surround sound. We, therefore, include multiple audio tracks for your mp4, including uncompressed DTS and DTS-MA/HD. For the MKV, we will transfer uncompressed TrueHD, Atmos or DTS-X audio options too.

Disc-to-Digital perfection

Its all about the details.

Forced subtitles 

While the mp4 file is the favoured choice for playback compatibility on all devices, subtitles, unlike the MKV, cannot be switched on and off at will. We, therefore pay particular attention to capture and burn in occasional foreign or alien Sci-Fi speaking scenes so that they display for you automatically.

DVD ripping with subtitles
MP4 metadata tagging > 

Bring your media collection to life.

Metadata such as cover art, plot summary, cast, directors, year, genre, ratings, season numbers, and episode numbers and names are essential information empowering offline media servers such as iTunes to populate all fields across all your devices. Your titles will look and behave just as if you had purchased them from the iTunes Store directly.

DVD ripping TV Shows with metadata
DVD ripping TV Shows with metadata
File naming > 

The metadata agents adopted by media servers and players such as Plex, Emby and Infuse 6 perform best with accurate file naming. Major types of content are best separated from each other too; for example, we list movie and television content within defined parent folders.

DVD ripping Movies with accurate file naming
DVD ripping TV Shows with accurate file naming for each episode

MP4 or MKV?

Which file format should you choose?

Either way, you get high quality digital videos with no warnings, trailers or menus to navigate.

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The MP4 is favoured by over 90% of our customer's thanks to smart video compression techniques delivering smaller file sizes with no real noticeable loss in visual quality.

  • Surround sound audio is uncompressed for a truly immersive experience.
  • We can also burn in full-time (always on) one of the subtitle options available on your disc(s).
  • Soft-subtitles (occasional foreign or alien speaking scenes) we burn in for automatic inclusion during playback.

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MKV, similar to the mp4 is also a container format but with added flexibility. Our process is lossless; a term used to describe the action of "no compression". If the film on your DVD is 4GB or 30GB on Blu-ray, then your MKV will be 4GB or 30GB respectively.

Our studio will create your MKV as a 1:1 clone of the film or episodes and capture all audio (DTS, TrueHD, Atmos & DTS-X), language and subtitles presented by your disc which can be selected manually and automatically by most media servers and devices. Our process excludes trailers, warnings and bonus footage.

Points to consider...

  • Not all devices natively play MKV, so it's worth checking first. That said, many media servers will transcode on the fly and instantly convert your title during playback for any device compatibility.
  • Transcoding on the fly can be an intensive process so you will need to check the power of your NAS or computer. The number of simultaneous multiple streams should also be factored in.
  • Files sizes are larger so you may need to consider your storage options. 100 DVD films transferred to mp4 may require just 175GB. The same 100 films in MKV could total 450GB.

Keep it simple

How does it work?

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We convert your physical media to a USB drive. You transfer your new disc-to-digital video files to your computer or NAS and then store it safely as a backup.

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Choose a media server

Download your preferred "free or freemium" media server such as Plex, Emby, Infuse 6 or iTunes to your computer or NAS. Then populate with your video files.

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Client apps

Install the various apps specific to your chosen media server. You are now ready to start streaming your digital content to your TVs, home theatre and mobile devices.

Ready to order?

Lead time 7 to 14 days.

Have a question?

Ask us how DIGIRAW can help.

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Introducing Plex, the worlds leading home media server software.

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The DIGIRAW CD, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K (UHD) ripping conversion service was created in Dec 2012 to help movie, and music lovers alike to convert their physical media collections to digital, quickly. A disc-to-digital home-media service which organises, presents and plays your physical discs on any screen.

Clients tell us it's like a DIY Netflix service, with one striking extra benefit, you get to choose your content, and keep it! That's selective viewing at it's best.

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