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Revive & Future proof your disc collection

Revive & future-proof your disc collection with our DVD ripping service

Fantastic for the selective collector. A must-have for the specialist collector

Say goodbye to disc play, and say hello to your new disc-to-digital multimedia library, ready and waiting to be enjoyed on all your devices, including 5.1 home theatre systems.

All the hard work goes on behind the scenes. Keeping it simple, we rip your DVDs & Blu-ray discs to mp4 or mkv so you can enjoy them on all your devices.

Browse, point and click

Simultaneous streaming for your 5.1 home theater system, TVs and mobile devices. Resume play, view history, manage parental rating and search by genre, actor or director. Even create playlists of your favourites!

Stream your private disc to digital collection to your TV wirelessly

With intuitive on-screen navigation, your content is organised and ready to play at home, and away!

Arrow series on your iPad

Mobile viewing

Watch your movies wherever you have internet, or transfer your favourite titles to your device for offline remote entertainment. Great for the commute, business traveller and kids on long journeys!

Take your DVDs with you locked and loaded on to your mobile devices

Ready to broadcast to your home cinema 5.1 surround sound system. Perhaps your Soundbar or just enjoy two-channel stereo?

With your physical media now digitised, transfer and back them up to your computer, NAS or Nvidia Shield and start playing your multimedia on home theater systems, smartphones, and tablets.

Your very own home media broadcasting service

DigiRAW service includes…

Whether you opt for our BestDef universal device the mp4, or lossless MKV file, quality is stunning and movies start without warnings and previews.

  • Audio
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    Embed 2 Channel stereo file for your computers, TVs, and mobile devices. And surround sound for your home theatre system.

  • Visual
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    Stunning quality on small to large screens with Blu-ray conversions preserving your discs 720p and 1080p HD quality.

  • Subtitles
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    We pay particular attention to soft subtitles, making sure foreign and alien speaking scenes are captured and burned into your mp4. Lossless container files such mkv capture all language, subtitle and audio options so you may select and de-select at will.

  • 3D
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    Our Studio has mastered the art of split screen 3D format-shifting for both mp4 and mkv file types, for a truly emerging and full-depth experience.

  • Metadata Tagging
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    We fetch and embed within your mp4 and mkv container file, metadata such as cover art (posters), plot synopsis, cast, directors, year, genre, ratings, season numbers, and episode numbers/name.

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    We then embed this vital information within your mp4 container file enabling media servers such as iTunes to populate all fields correctly. Your titles will look and behave just as if you had purchased them from the iTunes Store directly.

  • File Naming
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    The scanners and metadata agents adopted by many media servers perform best when your major types of content are separated from each other.

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    For example, we list movie and television content within their own separate folders.

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Play your DVDs on your iPads, iPhones, mobile devices and TVs

96% of our clients choose mp4

Smaller file sizes, stunning visual quality on small to large screens, and outstanding audio for all your devices.

Lead time, typically just 2 weeks

Which Media Server?

Nowadays your choice is immense, and whilst we are not shy to admit our favourite is Plex Media Server, iTunes from Apple will happily accept your mp4 video files with easy streaming Wi-Fi to your Apple TV 2, 3, & 4K. Then there is Infuse 5. A delightful app, less like a media server, yet serves up an aesthetically feature rich alternative for the Apple TV4, iPhone & iPad and is ideal for less than a few hundred titles.

iTunes Media Server


Stream the contents of your iTunes (mp3, mp4, ALAC) around your home, or transfer directly to your mobile devices for offline play. iTunes from Apple. For your iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV streamer.


Plex Media Server


Play your media files on mobile devices and home cinema 5.1 surround TV streamers. Broadcast around your home, over the internet with remote access, or sync to your devices for offline play.


Infuse 5 Media Streaming

Infuse 5

Simple, easy to use app which plays just about any video format to all your Apple devices. Play your on your homecinema and download them to your device. No media server required for!

£5.99 /year

Media Pro disc to digital service

Media Pro

Love it, want it but just time short setting everything up? Introducing Media Pro, your fully managed and remotely maintained and supported home media streaming solution.

£ Bespoke

Try our free movie samples

Download our 1 minute long mp4 samples. Try them out in Plex, Emby, Infuse 5, or iTunes. Test them on your Pc, Mac, NAS, Nvidia, Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV.
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DigiRAW CD, DVD & Blu-ray Ripping Service

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Quality DVD conversion for your homecinema and home audio fun