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Media Pro

Your very own Personal Multimedia Assistant

More than just future-proofing your disc collection and de-cluttering your home, the DigiRAW Media Pro service designs and develops your sophisticated Media Hub, populates your integrated Plex Media Server with your content, and enriches your TVs and mobile devices to play your movies, TV shows, music and photos on all your favourite screens, wherever you are.

What's included

DVD Ripping Service

Collection + Digitise

DigiRAW will visit and pack up your discs ready for our studio to digitise to bestDef and HD quality.

Media Installation

Installation & Setup

Design, source, and setup your Media Hub. Install Plex Media Server, create your Plex Pass account and load your digital files. Plus download Plex clients onto your TVs and streaming devices.

Media Server Maintenance


To keep you up and running, updates and general housekeeping is all handled remotely at DigiRAW by your Media Assistant.

Media Hub

The ultimate Cloud Media Convenience. Powered by Plex.

Your Media Hub is the mastermind behind your viewing experience, so reliability coupled with energy saving features are paramount.

By utilising our wealth of experience, we recommend the iMac or Mac mini, but ideally, a NAS (Network Attached Server) from QNAP.

Plex Media Server on your NAS & Create your own Media Cloud

Plex Introduction

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Plex Customer - Keith Harris

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Plex Camera Upload

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Home Media Server for your ripped DVDs

Smart TVs & Streamers

Simultaneous playback of your videos and music on all your TVs really is effortless. You can also search by genre, actor, director, and ratings.

Privacy and Security

Your library content - is your business

Plex has teamed up with DigiCert to provide you with high quality "SSL" secure certificates for your media server. There is no need to setup complicated VPNs and no need to create and install your own certificates either. You can safely and securely connect to your media no matter where you are, from every device.

Plex Media Web App plays all your DVD to mpr ripped videos
Plex Media Server Managed Users

Managed users

Probably our favourite Plex feature!

The power to give your family individual managed accounts. No more losing where you were in that episode when someone else decides to watch the same show without you.

And with your kids in mind, managed user accounts get rating control so your cubs can browse and play only the content you deem appropriate.

Your media is mobile

Maybe 5 screens in the back of the Bentley is going a tad far, but the sweet spot is playing your media on all your devices.

You can stream the contents of your Media Hub to any device with Wi-Fi / 3G & 4G Internet coverage.

For offline enjoyment, such as flying, simply choose a title via the Plex Web App, or on your mobile device and press sync to download your chosen title(s) and tracks wirelessly.

Plex Media Server Remote for Mobile Media Sync

Sync for offline

No internet? No problem! You and managed users can wirelessly transfer favourite titles to all your mobile devices!

Take your content with you. Maybe it's music for your workout, a TV Show on the underground or a movie on the plane.

  • Plex Sync

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  • Plex Sync to mobile

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  • Plex Sync to iPhone

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Pricing and feature list

Media Pro Lite

Spec, setup and install.


Includes Plex Pass (Lifetime)

Media Pro

Spec, setup, install. manage NAS / Plex Media Server updates, and maintenance.

+ £39 /m

Includes Plex Pass (Lifetime)

Media Pro+

Includes all Media Pro features, plus your monthly add-on titles package (see Media Pro+ below).

From £90 /m

Includes Plex Pass (Lifetime)

177 (H) x 180 (W) x 235 (D) mm
6.97 (H) x7.09 (W) x 9.25 (D) inch

Media Pro Example

  • Media Hub (QNAP TVS-471-i3-4G 4 Bay/ 8TB Desktop NAS)
  • 350 DVDs (mixed movies / TV shows) to mp4
  • 100 Blu-ray (movies / TV shows) to HD mp4
  • 200 CDs to ALAC lossless
  • Setup, installed and maintained
  • Plex Media Server (Plex Pass Lifetime)


+ £39 per month maintained (no contract - cancel anytime)

  • Feature comparison
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Go Media Pro+

Our 5-star media managed service is designed to give you all the fun and none of the housekeeping.

In addition to your personal requests, Media Pro+ encourages your Media Assistant to learn your genre preferences, making it a breeze to add complimentary titles.

As soon as a new release is available on disc, we will purchase it on your behalf, digitise and upload it to your NAS remotely, often the same day we received it!

  • More information...

    Media Pro+

    Includes remotely managed NAS / Plex Media Server updates, maintenance and general media housekeeping.

    It's time to relax, on goes the TV, open Plex and you see another new blockbuster, new season or perhaps a whole new TV series has been added. Whatever will you watch first?

    We love supporting our Media Pro+ clients with new content and the whole process is seamless. Simply select one of our packages and we'll do the rest... and of course, you can't instruct us to source a particular title for you too.

    How it works...

    Choose a monthly subscription or define a bespoke one with us and we'll do the rest. Unless you tell us otherwise, we'll always purchase Blu-ray for HD. New releases aside, whenever possible, we'll acquire like new discs so we can expand your library with greater value and beyond our minimum title per month suggestion.

    Movie Purchase

    With your personal/family genre in mind, and your ad hoc instructions, we'll acquire your DVDs/Blu-ray discs for you.


    As soon as we receive them, we'll digitise them right away and store them for you as part of your original Media Pro service.


    We upload remotely to your NAS and refresh your Plex Media Server so each and every new title is ready and waiting for you.

    No contract - cancel anytime.

    Pick a package

    Keeping your library fresh and topped up.

    Movie Must

    Min 5 titles added per month

    £90 /m


    Popcorn Anyone?

    Min 8 titles added per month

    £160 /m

    Mixed Movies & TV

    Serial Sensation

    Min 18 titles added per month

    £300 /m

    Mixed Movies & TV

Get in touch today

You could be streaming your DVDs in just 2 weeks!

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