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Exact numbers of discs are not necessary because we will conduct a full audit when we take receipt of your discs. Your estimate, however, will allow us to give you a lead time (typically just a couple of weeks). Or if you prefer, you can send us an enquiry using our contact us page.

DigiRAW collection and return service

Collection & Return

FREE when your order exceeds…

  • £150 for postcodes: HP, LU, MK, NN, OX.

  • £350 for postcodes: AL, CB, RG, SG, SL.

  • £500 for postcodes: CV, GL, HA, LE, SN, TW, UB, WD.

  • £750 for postcodes: B, BA, BR, BS, CM, CO, CR, DA, DE, DY, E, EC, EN, GU, HR, IG, IP, KT, N, NG, NW, PE, RG, RH, RM, SE, SM, SO, SP, SS, ST, SW, TF, W, WC, WR, WS, WV.

  • £1000 for postcodes: BH, BN, CT, ME, NR, PO (Mainland), TN.

  • £1500 for postcodes: BB, BD, BL, CH, CW, DN, FY, HD, HX, L, LN M, OL, PR, S, SK, WA, WN.

Send your DVD for ripping by courier using Interparcel

Send By UK Courier

If our free collection and return service is not applicable to you then like many of our customers you can send your discs to us directly. We recommend the online courier broker Interparcel.

Interparcel is a really low cost simple to use service. Pop in your collection postcode and our delivery address postcode (MK18 4AS) for a free and instant online quote.

Measure and weigh your box(s) and select the courier you would like to use such as FedEx, or
UPS. Print the labels and wait for the door bell to ring.

DigiRAW accepts international orders

International Orders

You’re in good company. Please organise FedEx, or UPS to collect your packaged discs and send on to us.

To reduce transport costs you may prefer sending just the discs in Logic disc wallets, such as this one on Amazon.

To prevent or minimise UK import duties (sending from outside EU) being applied, ask your carrier to confirm on the paperwork that your discs will be returned and entering the UK under the classification "process". Value each disc at no more than $0.50 each.

Your order instruction...

Upon receipt of your instruction, we’ll be in touch to finalise arrangements and process your order. Payment is not requested until we start conversion.

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  • What happens next?
    We’ll be in touch to confirm your order instruction.

    Within 48 hours of taking receipt, we'll conduct an audit. This means we make a full count (excluding bonus discs) and check to make sure there are no missing discs or damaged discs we won't be able to repair free of charge.

    We'll then raise a
    PayPal invoice which you receive by email directly from PayPal. Click the pay now button and settle online using your PayPal account. Or simply use the pay by credit or debit card option if you don't have a PayPal account.

    As soon as you have settled your invoice PayPal will send us an email confirming receipt so we may proceed with your order. You will also receive a payment confirmation email but you may need to check your junk/spam folder. We can now schedule your order and will confirm our estimated completion date by email.

    Typical lead times:
    Up to 50 discs requires 7 to 10 days.
    51+ 10 to 14 days
    500+ 14 to 21 days
    1000+ 21 to 28 days
    2000+ 4 to 6 weeks

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Personal collection & return service available but subject to order value and location.

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