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Disney confirmed it would not be renewing its contract with Netflix?


Yup, that's right, Disney will be pulling its catalogue from Netflix in favour of its own streaming platform, expected to launch in 2019. That means Disney titles will be leaving exactly 18months after they first arrived at Netflix!

Disney titles leaving Netflix.


So if the Disney catalogue is essential to you and your family, it looks like you will be signing up to yet another streaming service! Or, will you?

Sure we're going to push our professional disc-to-digital service, but let's face it, while the physical disc may not be so desirable as it takes more effort than turning on an Apple TV and hitting play. Selective viewing, on-demand viewing and building one's own handpicked disc-to-digital library is trending, which probably supports why physical disc sales remain higher than predicted to be so five years ago.

Do-it-yourself Netflix.

Thanks to fantastic media servers like Plex, Emby and simple yet powerful media players such as Infuse 6 for iOS and tvOS devices (pictured below), you can create your very own DIY Netflix.


How many platforms are you subscribing to?

Subscribing to multiple streaming platforms is expensive, and many of your favourite movies and TV shows, new and old remain unavailable and are likely to stay that way, which means you are spending a small fortune every month and still find yourself muttering "I can't find anything I fancy watching". Or "Hang on, where did [?] TV show go?" "Oh no, I didn't get round to watching [?] movie, and now it's gone!"

Millions around the world rip their discs for any screen viewing and keeping their digital library up-dated with only the content they enjoy, and DIGIRAW can help you with converting your back catalogue of discs, for example, completing 500 titles within a couple of weeks, to handling your updates when you order new discs online and have them delivered directly to them.

Once done, DIGIRAW can store them away for you, or you can box them up and pop them in the loft, leaving you with a clutter-free home and modern approach to watching your cherished collection forever. Now that is future-proofing.

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