Corporate Digital Conversions For Archiving.

Your company's CDs and DVDs can degrade, become damaged and eventually, fail to play! CD and DVDs degrade over time. Hire DIGIRAW and backup your essential data and videos to your server.

Digital video backups offer you significant advantages. For example, you can edit them, upload them to your YouTube and Vimeo channels, Facebook and Instagram pages for all your staff and clients to enjoy, and of course, present them on your website.

YouTube Logo for your videos
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Your DVD digitisation / conversion needs may include…

Training and educational videos. Organisations can save money, generate income and increase take up with a website or mobile app streaming solution instead of posting DVDs.

Awards Ceremony


Christmas Party's

Trade Shows

Product Tests & Trials

Training Groups

Sales Conventions


Retirement Celebrations

We passionately convert CD, DVD and Blu-ray videos and supply you with an mp4 and mkv lossless 1:1 video format.

mp4 video file

Your mp4 is a compressed file making it's file size smaller and with no noticeable loss in quality. Ideal for streaming via video hosted website services.

The mp4 gives you smooth playback on all your devices such as computers, TVs, projectors, smartphones and tablets, and can also be easily edited using many off-the-shelf software packages.

mkv video file

While your mkv doubles up as your 100% cloned backup, perhaps for archive, it can also be played using many free media players such as VLC and be edited using the more sophisticated application.

Our per disc conversion fees include...

  • Your mp4 & mkv file for each disc.
  • UPS Express Delivery. Discs are returned with your USB storage hard drive.
  • Lead time typically 5 days from receipt of your discs.
  • Min. Order value £30


per disc


per disc


per disc

Please request a quotation for volume conversion needs.

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The DIGIRAW CD, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K (UHD) ripping conversion service was created in Dec 2012 to help movie, and music lovers alike to convert their physical media collections to digital, quickly. A disc-to-digital home-media service which organises, presents and plays your physical discs on any screen.

Clients tell us it's like a DIY Netflix service, with one striking extra benefit, you get to choose your content, and keep it! That's selective viewing at it's best.

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