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Plex is like your own personal Netflix

8 reasons why DigiRAW will design you your very own Netflix type streaming solution

A popular one amongst our clients is they never stream everything you own in your physical collection! Such as your prized Criterion collection, your opera concerts and many of your TV shows (new and classic). Why? Because not all studios make their content available to the streamers and/or streamers pay for limited time rights. Plus Netflix is shrinking their catalogue in favour of creating its own content. 50/50 is the word on the street!

Fast Blockbuster Releases

Plex Movies iPhone

Streaming services are all too often slow to release the new 'must-see' Blockbuster, prompting Studios to maximise their cinema income and physical disc sales first.

Offline Viewing

Plex offline movies iphone

Not all streaming providers make their content available for offline play, and those that may, tend to provide a limited catalogue, and limited further to particular devices only.

No Disappearing Titles

Movies / TV shows come and go on Netflix, which means you might be half way through your favourite show when it gets pulled from service.

Overcome Slow Internet

Bandwidth constraints! Many of our clients reside in slow internet locations, and/or find their service is challenged when the whole family is online at the same time.

Goodbye DVD Player(s)

Now you can pack away those unsightly DVD players all around your home whilst saving money too!

No Missing Titles

Selective viewers manage their own library so that missing TV Show Seasons and Movies become a thing of the past.

Our clients tend to be selective viewers, preferring to collect and serve up only their favourites. Some are cord cutters, shunning their multiple streaming subscription services. Many though are fed up buying or renting digital media which can only be played on certain branded devices... such as iTunes and having to lock into Apple products (forever), oh and forcing you to cloud stream your purchased media to your mobile devices.

Introducing Media Pro

And the marvellous Plex Media Server with Plex Pass.

Plex Media Server Web App

Try our free movie samples

Download our 1 minute long mp4 samples. Try them out in Plex, Emby, Infuse 5, or iTunes. Test them on your Pc, Mac, NAS, Nvidia, Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV.
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