Movie Media streaming on yachts with limited internet

Yacht Entertainment System.

No contracts or subscriptions. You own everything.

Access your marine entertainment without it being visible. Reduce weight and leave your physical media on shore. Eliminate disc cataloguing and searching. Stream like Netflix without requiring full-time internet access. Create a library of only the movies, TV shows and music you want. Play your content on smartphones, tablets, TVs and projectors.

About us.

For over six years, DIGIRAW has helped the yacht market by format-shifting its physical media to uncompressed digital files. Providing the means to serve content to all onboard screens, including luxury yacht cinema rooms boasting a 4K projector with Atmos/DTS-X object surround sound.

Our support assists owners, captains, crew, builders and installers to streamline their content management needs while enhancing overall user experience. Better still, to appreciate the freedom and flexibility of not being locked in.

Introducing Maritime Media.

Stream to every screen in True-Bit uncompressed SD, HD, and 4K (UHD), including Stereo, DTS-HD MA, Atmos and DTS-X object surround. Start a show on your iPad, resume play on your TV.

Yacht Entertainment System and play movies on all your screens

Discover the benefits of format-shifting your physical media collection and create your very own onboard streaming service with language and subtitle options.

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Emby TV Shows

TV Shows

Physical media, will for some time, continue to be the best option when the highest quality is essential, especially for big-screen enjoyment. But carrying, sorting, maintaining and cataloguing hundreds of discs is far from convenient. Thankfully there is another way!

We offer two options…

The first is hiring DIGIRAW to digitise your DVDs and Blu-ray discs to a hard drive, and you or your AV provider handles the rest. This is something we do regularly and works really well, worldwide too.

Option 2.
The second option, which we like to call our Maritime Media solution is when we manage the digitisation of your discs and spec/configure your media server in preparation for an onboard plug-and-play installation. Naturally, we stand by, albeit remotely, ready and waiting just in case you need any pointers on what is otherwise a straightforward, irresistible streaming solution.

Movie streaming solutions for yachts
Yacht Cinema Rooms and streaming movies with limited internet

Our Maritime Media solution provides you with a feature-rich centralised media server with your content organised and elegantly presented on your smartphones, tablets, TVs and cinema room projector. Play the same or different show on multiple devices at the same time. Enjoy trailers right on the movie page. Search by title, actor, genre, release date, unwatched and more.

Add content to favourites from within all devices, pause, fast forward, rewind and resume play in another room. Enjoy title suggestions from your very own library based on what you like, and even create user accounts with rating restrictions.


DVD Conversion

Sam Bell, Chief Engineer of 41m to 50m Sharlou Yacht - 10/09/2019-10:28

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We had over 2000 DVD/ Blu Rays converted and nearly 6000 TV episodes converted for use with our Plex system. Chris at Digiraw was awesome provided a quick quote and converted the 3500 odd disks quickly everything was delivered on new HDDs and worked perfectly. These guys saved me many many hours of converting our library. I highly recommend them.

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Introduce Maritime Media with a unique blend of indulgence, convenience and quality to your Yacht, and create the immersive entertainment experience you have always desired. To request more information, please contact us today.

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The DIGIRAW CD, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K (UHD) ripping conversion service was created in Dec 2012 to help movie, and music lovers alike to convert their physical media collections to digital, quickly. A disc-to-digital home-media service which organises, presents and plays your physical discs on any screen.

Clients tell us it's like a DIY Netflix service, with one striking extra benefit, you get to choose your content, and keep it! That's selective viewing at it's best.

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